Urban Green View


Using Satellite Data to Monitor and Plan Urban Green Spaces

Due to climate change, heat waves are on the rise. This poses a new challenge for urban areas, which are particularly affected by unusually high temperatures. As recent studies show, one of the most effective measures to cool urban areas is the introduction of more greenery.

In cooperation with the cities of Essen, Bochum and Dortmund, Urban Green View will investigate how satellite data, in particular Earth observation data, can be used to monitor and plan urban green spaces in a more targeted manner in order to achieve the greatest cooling effect.


OHB Digital Services

OHB Digital Connect

University of Trier


City of Essen

Project Duration

08/2022 to 05/2023



The project is funded by the European Space Agency ESA in the ARTES 4.0 Generic Programme Line Business Applications – Space Solutions (BASS) Feasibility Study „Space for Urban Green“.