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Due to climate change, the need for Smart Cities and robust infrastructure monitoring is greater than ever. The anticipated consequences of global warming, ranging from extreme weather events to rising sea levels, pose substantial challenges to urban environments and the infrastructure that sustains them. Smart Cities and infrastructure operators, equipped with innovative technologies and data-driven solutions, are poised to address and mitigate the impacts of climate change on urban infrastructure.

ThEO is a website conceived and maintained by OHB Digital Connect. It bundles the work results of several publicly funded projects in the context of adapting urban spaces and infrastructure to the consequences of climate change. As new projects are constantly being added to the portfolio, ThEO is being continuously expanded.

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Recent activities

  • urbanCLIM Workshop

    Learn more about the world of urban climate adaptation and take part in the workshop „urbanCLIM: Climate Adaptation Strategies in Urban Areas“ on June 4 and 5, 2024 in Bremen, […]

  • Cooperation UrbanAI

    Goodbye concrete wasteland! Image processing with AI shows unsealing potential. OHB Digital Connect is cooperating with the Bremen State Office for Geoinformation in a project called „Urban Feature Monitoring with […]

  • Recap of Final Consortium Meeting of CityCLIM

    After two days of intense and fruitful discussions, the last consortium meeting is coming to an end today. Yesterday we focused on the last steps of implementing the services. This […]

  • Final Consortium Meeting of CityCLIM

    All project partners will meet on 10-11 April 2023 for the final consortium meeting to discuss the project results, lessons learned and the post-project phase. It will be discussed to […]

  • Happy Easter 🐣!

    Can you spot the Easter egg in the picture?

  • Baltic GTIF: 1st Stakeholder Cosultation Meeting 🧳

    „GTIF developments are driven by the needs of stakeholders.“ Following this idea, our first stakeholder consultation meeting within the Baltic GTIF project takes place today. If you are interested in […]